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AVALON is a fast-paced VR action game with ranged weapons, melee weapons, and magick. This is the first pre-alpha build, with the purpose of showing off the limited combat mechanics. This small level isn't intended to represent the full game, which will feature larger maps, more strategic gameplay, and a lot more variety in weapons and abilities, all of which will be added over time in regular updates.


Take a look below to see the current features.

Ranged and melee weapons, currently limited to only two but more will be added in the near future, including a bow and automatic rifle, as well as pyrokinetic variants of existing weapons.

Electrokinetic Energy Blades

Slice through enemies and deflect projectiles

Electrokinetic Sidearms

Fire focused bursts of energy from your dual sidearms

Zone-based magick system; more zone and gesture-based abilities as well as additional elements are coming in the future. Telekinesis (grab and crush) is planned for the next update.

Electrokinetic Burst

Send a torrent of lightning surging forwards; successful hits will chain to nearby enemies within range.


Summon a shield to absorb incoming attacks. It slowly regenerates when not taking damage, but you can re-cast to reset shield health. If it gets destroyed, you won't be able to cast them again for 10 seconds.


Quickly dash forward. Limited to two consecutive dashes when in the air. The dash also features a phase ability, but this is slightly unreliable in the current level due to the nature of the cube layout we have.

Slow Time

Slow time for a brief moment. Use carefully, because getting hit while slowed will cause you to take twice as much damage and will instantly pull you back to normal speed.

  • Reach over shoulder and grab to summon energy blades
    • Press trigger to activate/deactivate
    • Press first action button to swap between forward and reverse grip
    • Deflection radius and damage is determined by velocity
  • Reach down to side and grab to summon sidearms
    • Press first action button to activate
    • Press the same button to vent and recharge after 10 shots
  • Reach over to the opposite side and pull the trigger to summon lightning (eg from right to left), bring it back over to the other side to fully charge it, and release to fire a burst of lightning
  • Reach up and pull the trigger to prepare shield, release trigger and grip to summon it, grip to get rid of it.
  • Slow time by pressing the 2nd button on the left controller
  • Dash by pressing the 2nd button on the right controller
  • Press right joystick to flip around 180 degrees
  • Use index finger to interact with buttons

If you notice less enemies on endless mode you may need to destroy and respawn them if you're running it for an extended period, as they can sometimes spawn inside objects and get stuck.

Headset Compatibility

The game has only been tested on the Index, Rift S, and Quest (with Link). If  you run into issues with other headsets (or any issues at all) please let me know and I'll try to get out a patch ASAP.

AVALON is a passion project that's been a long time coming, with me as the sole artist and developer. We have big plans for the game and the fictional universe as a whole over the next several years, and this demo is the first step towards that.

It's highly recommended to install the game through the itch app. This will allow for easy installation and launching, and automatic updates without the need to redownload the entire zip file.


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Version 1.0.0