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This is an early prototype for a sci-fi web-slinging-esque game. Originally this was intended to be an ability within AVALON, but given the fact that it enables you to go pretty much anywhere with ease, I decided to cut it from the main game.

I do however want to do more with it, because it is fun, and I have some ideas for how I want to expand on it to make it into its own mini game. The current level just consists of the procedurally generated pillars, with a laser grid at the bottom. There's no real objective other than to just swing around and not fall to the bottom.

If you have any ideas for gameplay or things you think would be cool to see, let me know, you can leave a comment down below.

Obviously this is not recommended if you're prone to motion sickness, unless you want to speedrun getting your VR legs.

There's a voice tutorial in-game that you can play at the console, but here's an overview.

  • Press the lower button on your controller to fire the cable
    • The cable will latch onto the first surface the end of it hits
    • There's no collision on the rest of the cable
    • Press again to cancel/disengage
  • Once you're latched onto a surface, squeeze the grip and move your hand in any direction to pull yourself towards the anchor point
    • The faster you swing your arm, the faster you'll move
    • You'll continue to fall until you press grip
    • You'll also continue to fall if you don't move the controller
    • If the cable is too long, it'll break
  • You can move while in the air using the left joystick to control your position
    • Useful to avoid colliding with pillars
    • Right joystick rotates
  • You can dash by pressing the top button on your right controller
    • You can only do this twice in mid air
    • Stand on a surface (like the tops of the pillars) to reset it
    • Since it cancels your current velocity, this is useful if you're about to die
  • Use index finger to interact with the buttons on the console

The typical method is to aim, shoot, grip, swing your hand down, then swing it back up, then let go. Repeat. I've included some pillars behind the spawn point for you to practice with.

It's highly recommended to install the game through the itch app. This will allow for easy installation and launching, and automatic updates without the need to redownload the entire zip file.


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I made my own little grapple hook demo a while back that had rope wrapping around objects, I followed this guide https://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/tutorials/swinging-physics-for-player-movem... it's super helpful if you haven't already seen it. Looking forward to trying your demo out when I get a chance!

Thanks, I'll take a look :)